We are happy to announce, that we have received a donation from the Tønder Festival Foundation!
That means, that we can start planning again! We are planning 3-4 Saturdays with workshop and session
and a whole week-end-workshop.
We are thinking of starting with a Saturday in Autumn 2016, one in Spring 2017, one Autumn 2017
and finishing 2017 with a week-end of music and dancing. As usual the content will vary from polka to reel, setdancing to Sean Nos.

This year´s Tønder Festival is getting closer, and Tønder Session Scene participates like the last years:

• 3 musicians from Ireland (Conor Mc Cague, Dónal McCague and Conor Connolly will be joined by
• Klavs Vester and Damien Reynolds for sessions in “Little Dublin”

• Hans-Jørgen Jensen will lead the open sessions in “Little Dublin” on 1st floor

• The half set for setdancing: Hanne Bording Jørgensen, Tove Rolskov,Ane Luise Madsen and Ulrike Matzen

• Setdance-workshop by Ulrike Matzen and “the boys” Thurday afternoon 15-16 in the Jamtent.